Txrbulance1 leaves Project Eversio

Txrbulance1 leaves...

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Txrbulance1 leaves Project Eversio


It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Gianluca "Txbrbulance1" has departed Project Eversio in order to focus on the upcoming GFINITY Challenger Series draft that he qualified for. Throughout the three and a half months at Project Eversio, Txrbulance played 154 official tournament matches, of which he won 76%, whilst he kept a 73% win record in local competitions.  

Whilst saying goodbye to such an exemplary competitor is hard, we commend his many achievements with the organisation, including the following:

1st - Costa Foundation FIFA 18 Tournament
1st - Aston Villa FC Gaming FIFA Tournament
1st - Gfinity Challenger Series 13/8/2018
2nd - Quickfire Nova Series #3
2nd - Quickfire World Cup Face-Off
3rd - Esports Universe World Cup Challenge
3rd/4th - Gfinity Summer Series 15/5/2018
3rd/4th - Gfinity Challenger Series 22/8/2018

We wish Txrbulance1 all the best in his career!

His last tournaments for the organisation were the following:

GFINITY Challenger Series 14/8/2018
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 4:0  ThierryyZ
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 2:3  Kacz03 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 64!*

GFINITY Challenger Series 15/8/2018
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 5:1  Anzinho8
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 5:4  RusherBande
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 4:0  T13R90
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 3:4  IBRACADABRA100 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 16!*

GFINITY Challenger Series 16/8/2018
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 5:2  Addexx77
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 3:2  TDG.J__Nero 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 2:1  Stage5Gaming.skopaa 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 1:4  Kevin Assia 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 16!*

GFINITY Challenger Series 20/8/2018
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 3:2  VMPMAX
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 4:5  Lukas_1004 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 32!*

GFINITY Challenger Series 21/8/2018
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 1:2  Chooiman 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 64!*

GFINITY Challenger Series 22/8/2018
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 4:3  Emperial.Edi_ 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 2:1  EH10Guarno 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 4:2  Adam Ryan 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 2:1  Ipwnzx3
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 1:2  LostInTheWavesz 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 4!*

GFINITY Challenger Series 23/8/2018
5:2  LbJ23
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 4:3  Czudemi 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 3:0  Babosa_8 
 EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 1:2  Figu7rinho 

*EVERSIO.Txrbulance1 places Top 8!*