EVERSIO.Black Ops 4 announced!

EVERSIO.Black Ops 4...

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EVERSIO.Black Ops 4 announced!


Ten days from the launch of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Project EVERSIO is ready to announce its new, all-Maltese five-man squad!

Black Ops 4 promises to be a paradigm shift in the famed franchise's competitive pedigree. First of all, we see the shift of a competitive mode from four-man squads, to five, harking back to the days of Call of Duty 4. Secondly, its new battle royale mode, Blackout, was highly lauded at beta stage, and that initself is likely to cause quite a few ripples within the scene, and might be what is needed to fix Call of Duty: WWII's problem - a dwindling playerbase and interest.

Our previous Call of Duty: World War II roster will naturally be making the switch to Black Ops 4, under Malta's most decorated console CoD player, Rueben "Randu" Grech, together with Owen "Owages" Agius, Josmar "Boxer" Chetcuti, and Isaac "LegendJoker" Abela. 

The new entry within the team, is Kieran "Mischifer" Parnis - a long time competitive Call of Duty player since the days of CoD: Advanced Warfare in 2014. Mischifer is a former teammate of LegendJoker in several iterations of teams throughout Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, and World War II, and both were part of the IXI eSports Italia squad that placed top 8 in the CVL Finals Stage 1 Milan 2018.

The team will be competing on PlayStation 4.

Project EVERSIO.BO4:
 Rueben "Randu" Grech - Twitter Twitch Youtube
 Owen "Owages" Agius - Twitter
 Josmar "Boxer" Chetcuti - Twitter Youtube
 Isaac "LegendJoker" Abela - Twitter Twitch
 Kieran "Mischifer" Parnis - Twitter