MinZho joins Fortnite Roster!

MinZho joins...

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MinZho joins Fortnite Roster!


After a long search, we can finally announce the fourth member of our Fortnite International squad! Joining Frag, Wam and Snoda will be  Miro "MinZho" Juutinen. Hailing from Finland, Miro is our youngest player yet. 

Prior to engaging in competitive Fortnite, Miro was an Overwatch player, but after he switched to Fortnite, he started finding success as part of RedWolf Esports and Jolt Esports, winning the Evilcake $1000 Duo Tournament, and placing 2nd in the Evilcake $150 Duo Tournament.

MinZho will be the duo partner for Snoda in all upcoming duo leagues and tournaments.

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 Dean "Frag" Ciantar
 William "Wam" Ekström
 Seán "Snoda" Devilly
 Miro "MinZho" Juutinen