Thank you, addicttekken!

Thank you,...

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Thank you, addicttekken!


A few weeks back, Joseph "addicttekken' Facciol informed us of his decision to retire from the game in which he had been competing for years. Joseph's drive will now shift fully unto his family's beautiful new addition, as he takes on the biggest responsibility in life, parenthood!

Whilst it has been a few weeks already, we opted to make this post to thank Joseph for his time with the organisation, and to celebrate his many successes. 

Joseph has for long while been one of the top contenders in the Maltese Tekken scene. He was known for his studious approach towards the game, and intricate theorycrafting, however his biggest virtue of all, is that he practiced his profession also within the local gaming scene. A teacher in real life, Joseph took it upon himself to teach Tekken to the next generation of players, and also organised classes for the benefit of others. 

However when it came to a tournament, Joseph was a fearsome competitor, having placed 1st in at least 10 Tekken tournaments dating as far back as 2007, and top three on numerous occasions. Joseph also has experience in a number of international tournaments, having placed 22nd in the Only the Best 2 tournament in Naples, the Tekken World Finals 2018 in Amsterdam, VSFighting 2018 in Birmingham as well as a community tournament in Vietnam in which he placed 1st.

Under the Project Eversio banner, addicttekken's success came in November 2019, as he placed first in the Malta Comic Con 2019 Tekken tournament, going undefeated in 15 matches straight.

Joseph's presence in our team, and in tournaments will be sorely missed, but we're sure he will remain a figurehead within the community!

Thank you, addicttekken!