CSGO: Malta National League!

CSGO: Malta National...

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CSGO: Malta National League!


We've brought back the boys together to participate in the Malta National League for CS:GO, organised by the Eden Esports! 

 Kyle "Xaka" Gatt
 Gabriel "left0ver" Mizzi
 Blake "mejta" Falzon Tuckwell
 Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht
 Jens "Swes" De Clercq
 Mustafa "jco" Ahmed (Stand-in)

The Malta National League is the latest intiative to formalise CS competition in Malta. Each team is required to have a minimum of three Maltese nationals. A €1,500 prizepool is on the line, and the winner gets a spot in the Wild Card qualifier for the European Development League, which itself has a $30,000 prizepool.

Group Stage
16:05 Atomic Peanuts - Vertigo - 20/11/2020
EVERSIO.CS 16:07 Ky5 - Mirage  - 20/11/2020
EVERSIO.CS 16:06 Revenants - Train - 20/11/2020

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