EVE.CS: Welcome, m0g!

EVE.CS: Welcome,...

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EVE.CS: Welcome, m0g!


Our CSGO team had a strong start to last season, especially as we qualified to the playoffs of ESEA Main, and following wins in subsquent weeks in the ESL Benelux CSGO Championship Summer 2021. Unfortunately, we lost ReFuZR to Royals, and more recently, Maxaxe decided to take a step back from actively competing. Whilst Ariant0 has brought star power to pistol rounds in particular, the loss of our two Dutch players left a void which we've been trying to fill for several weeks now.

As we go into Season 37 of ESEA Main, we've strenghtened our team with Morgan "m0g" Butler. We're confident that with time we can regain Advanced status and build on the momentum we gathered in the last season.

We're also no longer a majority Benelux lineup, which means there might be some changes in which tournaments we will be able to participate, but we will be exploring this in the coming weeks.

Our roster for ESEA Main S37 is as follows: