EVERSIO.CS qualifies to ESEA Main...

EVERSIO.CS qualifies...

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EVERSIO.CS qualifies to ESEA Main S38 Playoffs!


Despite an initial losing streak of five matches, and the departure of Jimmy 'Ariant0' Husseini, our CSGO squad managed to recover and enjoy a splendid run to end the regular season with 8 wins and 6 losses, and qualify to the playoffs.

Our team's initial five-game loss streak had everyone's morale very low, also in view of the fact that two losses had come in overtime. Once the team was relieved of pressure, they were able to play their own game, and went on to win eight of the following nine games. The sixth loss was also had on overtime. Thanks goes to Alan "yoom" Groot for standing in throughout the event!

ESEA Main S38:

 EVERSIO 12:16  Voltage Esports 
 EVERSIO 19:22  Join the Force  
 EVERSIO 15-19  Valhalla- 
 EVERSIO 14:16  SAW Youngsters 
 EVERSIO 19:16  Tarcznyski Protein Team 
 EVERSIO 16:12  Hasuki 
 EVERSIO 16:05  satori 
 EVERSIO 16:12  FairPlay 
 EVERSIO 16:08  ikustakA 
 EVERSIO 17:19  Native 2 Empire 
 EVERSIO 16:09  plan-B esports 
 EVERSIO 01:00  HaspersTM 

Our first match in the playoffs will be a Best of 3 re-match vs SAW Youngsters.

Tune in to twitch.tv/eversiotv to follow our matches!