FIFA Dream Team for eClub World...

FIFA Dream Team for...

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FIFA Dream Team for eClub World Cup!


We're excited to announce our first new venture of 2023! We've brought together Malta's best FIFA players for a super team that will compete in the prestigious FIFAe Club Series!

The FIFAe Club Series is the most prestigious club event in FIFA, organised directly by FIFA and EA, with a prizepool exceeding $300,000. The competition features a mixture of professional football teams, such as Inter and Manchester City, to professional esports teams such as Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Project Eversio will fly the Maltese flag, with the best talent on the island.

In 2021, we had already made a hit in this competition, with Maltese sensation Turbuleense and the Bulgarian champion Sanchez representing us, leading to a 29th - 56th place in the European Playoffs of the FIFAe Club World Cup.

We hope to replicate that success, and do even better in 2023, as we face the mightiest teams in Europe, with the best Maltese team we could muster:

  • Luke "LukeBartolo" Bartolo
  • Gianluca "Turbuleense" Sant
  • Shaun "Brandsha" Galea

Our journey in the eClub World Cup will start on the 2nd February, with a match against Br√łndby Esport, the esports division of the 11-time Danish football champions.

For this journey, we are teaming up with GMR, who are providing us with their brand new facility from which our players will be competing for the duration of the FIFAe Club World Cup. The GMR Bootcamp facility includes seven high performance PC setups with 240Hz monitors, PlayStation 5s, the fastest internet connection available and all the amenities necessary for an esports bootcamp facility, right in central Malta.

Throughout the course of the tournament, we will also be doing our utmost to deliver you content, including a live stream of the event, broadcast by our sponsor, Gann, and casted by our own crew!

Make sure to tune in to ours, and our players' socials for more coverage!