World Cyber Games: Hearthstone Regional Qualifier - Same participates!

Our Hearthstone player, Samuel "Same" Grech will be competing in the World Cyber Games 2019 - Hearthstone: Europe Regional Qualifiers, today, the 27th April.  59 players, the National Champions from countries across Europe, will be competing for $2,500, and the two coveted spots...

Quickfire Nova Series #4: Fortnite & Tekken

Whilst veering more into the casual side of things, the fourth iteration of Quickfire's Nova Series #4 had a healthy participation by many of our members. Several staff members, including Gann and Roden helped out with the organisation of the event, Frag, Mikku, Dagostino, Bungy and Pullu from...

Tekken: Red Bull Strijders! 3rd & 4th place!

The first iteration of Red Bull Strijders is finally here! On the 6th of April, and Visionary Iron Team will be hosting this 'fight club', consisting of three games: Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat X and Soul Calibur VI. Two of our new Tekken players, Matthew "Phoenix...

EVERSIO.Tekken is Here!

Project EVERSIO is proud to announce its first venture into the FGC esports community, with a new, all-Maltese Tekken squad. Tekken is easily the most popular fighting game title played competitively in Malta, with a very healthy, active and passionate community around it. We've had our ear...