EVE.Fortnite @ Level Lockdown Duo Royale

On the 1st of May, we will be having three duo teams participating in the Level Lockdown Duo Royale, featuring a €200 prizepool and plenty of local talent fighting out for the sweet trophy. Eversio Red: Anubis & Kicas Eversio Blue: Thrillz & Swag  EverWin: woku &...

[RL] Welcome, EVERSIO.Vella999

Following our earlier announcement that Isaac "Porry" Magri will be retiring from competitive Rocket League, we are delighted to be announcing his replacement! We're happy to be welcoming Matteo "Vella999" Vella to the fold! Matteo is a stand out player of the Maltese...

[RL] Thank you, Porry!

Today we're bidding goodbye to Isaac "Porry" Magri, who will be taking a step back from competitive Rocket League. Porry joined Project Eversio on the 15th November 2019, after having achieved the title of Maltese champions with his teammates Adammo and Bungy as 'Eksdee',...

[CSGO] ESN Lockdown Event!

Apart from the regular season play at the ESN League, we're also playing in the ESN Lockdown Event. The event features six cups, and for each placement in a cup, we earn points towards playoff qualification. Playoffs will feature 16 teams and a £350 prizepool. Lockdown Cup 1 -...