Thank you Coach Bevvy!

On behalf of the organisation, but especially the Overwatch division, we would like to thank our Head Coach, Bevvy, for his time and effort over the past months. Thanks to his efforts, our Overwatch squad managed an impressive 34th placement in their debut Open Division tournament, with 9 wins...

Welcome, CSGO!

We've had numerous iterations of CSGO rosters in our thirteen year run, and as there's nothing to write home about in terms of local tournaments, we're going down a different route this time. We're no longer just focusing on local competitions for one of the top esports titles in the...

EVERSIO @ Eden 3v3 Tekken Tournament

On Sunday the 23rd of February, our Tekken players will be busy once again. We will be attending a 3v3 Tekken tournament at the Eden Esports Centre in St Julian's. It's a completely new game format for our squad, which will be composed of DevilSean, Phoenix-Breaker and a stand-in for the...

EVE.Tekken @ OTB III!

WE'RE GOING TO NAPLES! Sean "DevilSean" Dingli, and Matthew "Phoenix-Breaker" Tonna will be competing at the Only The Best III Tekken 7 tournament, held at the Hotel Ramada in Naples between the 29th February and the 1st of March 2020! OTB is one of the most prolific...