About us


Project Eversio is an eSports initiative based in Malta. The aim of the organisation is to promote and nurture local talent in competitive gaming in the quest to compete on a European and international scale. Eversio was founded in July 2007 by students, originally as a Call of Duty 2 team, with the intention of branching out into different game titles to promote game diversification in the local competitive gaming scene. Over the years, Project Eversio recruited players and teams for various titles, including FIFA, Enemy Territory, FEAR Combat, Command & Conquer 3 and Trackmania amongst other titles, competing in all local offline events and championships, as well as in international online tournaments.

The organisation rose to prominence within the local competitive gaming scene with the release of Call of Duty 4 in late 2007, which was one of the most popular game titles locally and in Europe at the time. Eversio's CoD4 team was formed with the merger of the organisation's CoD2 and Enemy Territory teams. Throughout the game's competitive lifetime, which lasted till around 2013, Eversio competed in a total of 11 offline highly competitive events in Malta, winning all 11 tournaments, amounting to €6,200 in prize money and circa €3,275 in hardware prizes. The CoD4 team also participated heavily in European tournaments, and was a well-respected team within the CoD4 competitive scene, having placed in the top 5 in the Clanbase Ladder and invited to play in prestigious tournaments such as the Eurocup. In 2009, Eversio's CoD4 team also attended an international tournament called The eXperience in Roskilde, Denmark, where unfortunately the team was eliminated by the eventual champions, Fnatic. More recently, Eversio has dabbled with local teams in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, winning various offline championships in Malta. Almost a decade later, Eversio still aspires to be a brand of excellence in the local eSports scene - we strive to have only the very best, the most dedicated and the most competitive of players under our wing, to succeed where others have not.

Contact: [email protected]