Wam wins AOC Solo Series #5

Wam wins AOC Solo...

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Wam wins AOC Solo Series #5


Our Fortnite player  Wam has won another edition of the Gamers.com.mt AOC Solo Series, and €15 for his trouble. The online event, held on the 30th of August, drew a respectible 59 solo Fortnite competitors...or should we say, test subjects for Wam's pump-action shotgun.

Wam's run:
 EVERSIO.Wam 02:01  WaYWaR
 EVERSIO.Wam 15:02  Helix
 EVERSIO.Wam 15:02  Ace_no1
 EVERSIO.Wam 12:04  StanProGamer
 EVERSIO.Wam 06:03  DT-Lukinho

Well played, Wam!