EVERSIO.FN 2x Champs @ QFire...

EVERSIO.FN 2x Champs...

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EVERSIO.FN 2x Champs @ QFire Duo/Squad Gun Shows!


Over the past weekend, our local Fortnite squad attended the Quickfire Duo Gun Show on Friday the 14th September, and the Squad Gun Show in Saturday the 15th.

Dean "Frag" Ciantar and Matthew "Pullu" Pulis attended, and won the Quickfire Duo Gun Show on the 14th. The event had fourteen duo teams attending the Quickfire Esports Centre for a prizepool of €40, and placements were as follows:

1st - Project Eversio - 188
2nd - Gozo Stars - 100
3rd - Gringos FC - 83
4th - JD Brothers - 45
5th (DRAW) - Faqmers / The Ragnaroks - 37
6th - Toyafc - 33
7th - Showdown - 26
8th (DRAW) - TNM Clan / LerkBerk - 24
9th - TML Clan - 22
10th - J&J - 16
11th - Cousins - 12
12th - TSK - 10

On the 15th of September, Matthew "Pullu" Pulis and Lian "Bungy" Bugeja were joined with two fills, Mikku and Liam, to set up our four-man squad for the event, which they also went on to win. The eight squads in attendance at the Quickfire Esports Centre meant a prizepool of €60.

Two tournaments, two wins!