New Black Ops 4 squad for EEG LAN!

New Black Ops 4...

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New Black Ops 4 squad for EEG LAN!


The competitive aspect of Black Ops 4 is slowly falling in place, as the first CWL ruleset has been published, and the first competitive events start trickling in on everyone's radar. A month into the game, our recently announced roster has already had to undergo a major overhaul to fulfil our intent of being a force to be reckoned with in European competition.

The only surviving member of our original squad is Josmar "BOXER" Chetcuti, a veteran CoD player since Advanced Warfare, and whose teams have risen through the local ranks consistently over the past few years, culminating in a 2nd place finish during last year's Malta Esports Festival 2017. A former teammate of Boxer's on Unsurpassed Esports and 4ManArmy, is Kurt "xKurty" Buhagiar. xKurty has been playing competitively since Black Ops 2, and apart from a LAN victory in Black Ops 3, and a 2nd place finish in MESF 2017 in CoD: WW2, also has a significant number of top 3 placements in GameBattle tournaments, including 1st place four times, 2nd place six times, and 3rd place 4 times.

Another two members formerly of 4ManArmy who placed 2nd in the Call of Duty: WW2 event at the Malta Esports Festival 2017 are Clayton "Massiv3s" Aquilina and Sean "JokeSM" Muscat, and the squad will be rounded up by the young but talented Ramzi "WAMYY-" Amoush.

With that said, we thank our previous squad, specifically, Owages, Randu, LegendJoker and Mischifer for their time with the organisation. 

Our new squad will be attending the EEG international Black Ops 4 tournament at the Malta Esports Festival 2018, where they will be competing against another 24 teams, most of which from around Europe, for a prizepool of €5,000.

Project EVERSIO.BO4:
Josmar "BOXER" Chetcuti - Twitter
 Kurt "xKurty" Buhagiar - Twitter; Twitch
 Clayton "Massiv3s" Aquilina - Youtube; Twitter
 Sean "JokeSM" Muscat - Twitter; Twitch
 Ramzi "WAMYY-" Amoush - Twitter