EVERSIO.Fortnite @ DreamHack...

EVERSIO.Fortnite @...

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EVERSIO.Fortnite @ DreamHack Seville!


We are ecstatic to announce that our Fortnite Maltese-Finnish duo,  Dean "Frag" Ciantar, and  William "Wam" Ekstrom will be attending the upcoming DreamHack Seville 2018, and will compete in the Dreamcup!

Dreamcup Fortnite will be held at the Fibes Congress & Exhibition Center in Sevilla, Spain between the 14th and the 16th of December. The event will be BYOC, and features a €10,000 prizepot.

Over 50 European teams have signed up for the LAN event, with several high profile teams such as  Cooler Esport,  AGO Esports,  LeStream Esport and  Vodafone Giants, amongst others.

Project Eversio will be on site in Seville to bring you all the coverage!