EVERSIO *Finalists* @ DreamHack...

EVERSIO *Finalists*...

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EVERSIO *Finalists* @ DreamHack Sevilla


€10,000 on the line, and 75 of the best duo teams in the European Fortnite competitive scene, hailing from thirteen different countries. Project EVERSIO's primary duo, Dean "Frag" Ciantar and William "Wam" Ekstrom will be right in the thick of it, at the Fibes Congress Centre in Seville, Spain, between the 14th and 16th of December 2018.

It will undoubtedly be the toughest tournament of their esports endeavours so far, as the most renowed professional players and teams will be competing, such as the likes of LeStream, AGO Esports, Evil Cake Army, Vodafone Giants and Solary amongst many others.

Make sure to tune in to our social media for constant updated about their progress!

Round 1 - Group 2

# Team Name Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Score
1st  Gamers Origin 2       66
2nd  Team Queso       66
3rd  Arsen2k & Chaan       57
4th  LeStream Esports VK       44
5th  Project EVERSIO       40
6th  iNAT Gaming       31
7th  Team Dragons       26
8th  COOLER ESPORT I       26
9th  Lunary A       24
10th  K1CK eSports X       22
11th  Supremacy NM       19
12th  Arena Dragons Yellow       9
13th  Cometa Team Gaming       8
14th  Crazy Crew esports       6
15th  BTC       4
16th  Autobus a Gelves       0
18th  PUBG FTW       0
19th  The Join       0

Round 2 - Group 2

# Team Name Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Score
1st  Bastille Legacy Red       78
2nd  Solary B       65
3rd  Gamers Origin       52
4th  Team Queso       44
5th  Virtual Team       40
6th  Project EVERSIO       37
7th  x6tence       28
8th  LeStream Esport ST       25
9th  Arsen2k & Chaan       24
10th  Evil Cake Army Pink       24
11th  Vodafone Giants Grey       20
12th  COOLER ESPORT II       18
13th  ASUS ROG ARMY Black       18
14th  Supremacy NM       18
15th  K1CK eSports Y       13
16th  Cream Esports Tango       12
17th  LeStream Esports VK       6
18th  iNAT Gaming       5
19th  Torre Defuse       4
20th  RBT-B       0
21st  Dead Rabbits Club       0
22nd  Arkinos       0
23rd  Movistar Riders       0
24th  Jameo Esports Club       0

*Project EVERSIO is in the Grand Finals*