EVERSIO.CoD 2nd @ EGL BO4 Variant...

EVERSIO.CoD 2nd @...

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EVERSIO.CoD 2nd @ EGL BO4 Variant 18/01 Cup!


After winning last week's EGL Black Ops 4 Variant Cup, we're once again participating in this week's one night cup, with EUR50 on the line.

15 teams have signed up, with contestants coming from the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Austria. We'll be playing with Chubby as a stand-in for this tournament.

EGL CoD:BO4 Variant Cup 18/01/19 Progression
2:0  Monotone Esports
 EVERSIO.CoD 2:0  Brilliant
 EVERSIO.CoD 2:3  Delish Valenteen