Changes to games supported for 2019

Changes to games...

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Changes to games supported for 2019


2018 was a great year of re-building for the project, as most of our teams went on to become national champions, but also made inroads into international competition. We thank this amazing group of players for their committment, loyalty and ambition. 

With the new year, we've decided to re-evaluate our committments. We will be pushing those players who embody what it is to be an esports professional further, whilst seeking to provide opportunities for fresh talent. This unfortunately also means that some of our teams will no longer be representing us for 2019. This includes our Dota 2 and Rocket League squads, whilst our Counter-Strike and Battalion 1944 squads will be on an indefinite hiatus. We will be actively looking to replace some of these teams, or to recruit new ones for different game titles.

From our end, we'd like to thank all our players for their time, commitment and energy to our project, and we look forward to working (playing?) again together soon!

EVERSIO.Battalion 1944:
 Clint "Ascolese" Ascolese
 Cyril "Vortex" Coppini
 Gary "R1k" Vella
 Marco "PK" Bugeja
 Scott "Sco_Oq" Vella
 Wayne "Reed" Reed

Notable achievements:
1st Place - THE MRO Battalion 1944: Open (April 2018)

EVERSIO.Rocket League
 Jostev "Panda" Said
 Matteo "Auxin" Portelli
 Shaun "Shauniibonii" Zarb

Notable achievements:
1st Place - The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 (November 2017)
1st Place - Malta Cyber Series #4 (July 2018)

 Alex "BaRaCuDa" Botvinov
 Alexander "N7" Volkov
 Clayton "Grimmy" Spiteri
 Daniil "Yaster" Prorok
 Etienne "ETPanda" Galea
 George "Georgii" Bondarchuk
 Ivelin "Blesser" Ivanov

Notable achievements:
1st Place - Quickfire Nova Series #1

 Claude "Powess" Pisani
 Gabriel "left0ver_" Mizzi
 Keith "Alphh" Vanhear
 Kyle "Xaka" Gatt
 Mathias "raz" Johansen
 Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht
 Nicklas "Guldbrandt" Tolstrup
 Nicklas Bror "ICE" Holmberg
 Semen "Eneko" Ovsyanik

Notable achievements:
3rd Place - AliQuantum CSGO Tournament (November 2017)
1st Place - PlayUp & Game LAN (May 2018)
2nd Place - Malta Cyber Series #4 (July 2018)
2nd Place - Quickfire Nova Series #3 (August 2018)