Welcome, Roden & Gann!

Welcome, Roden &...

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Welcome, Roden & Gann!


As we're approaching the 12th year of operations, the beating heart of this organisation has always been the tenacity of a small group of volunteers who persisted on having Project Eversio as a beacon of hope for Maltese esports. Today, we're happy to announce the addition of two young and hard working individuals within the Management/Creative team of this project.

Roden "Roden" Muscat is a renowned local streamer, who has recently ventured into become a YouTube content creator and video editor. Over the past few months, Roden has taken it upon himself to read courses and acquire experience in video editing, aiming for it to become his livelihood. Roden joins Nathan as one of our Video Editors, responsible for our YouTube channel! Roden's time as a variety streamer has exposed him to a number of esports scenes, including CS:GO and Fortnite. Subscribe to Roden's personal YouTube channel here for some great content!

Jeandre "Gann" Portelli has become a mainstay in the Maltese esports scene, not just being an avid gamer, but also the most passionate of esports enthusiasts, putting his IT and multimedia knowledge to as many esports projects as he can find. Gann is always present behind the scenes in most of Malta's offline esports competitions, such as the Quickfire SuperNova CS:GO Tournament, the Quickfire Nova Series, and the EEG Black Ops 4 Championship at Gamers.com.mt's Malta Esports Festival 2018. Gann is familiar to all of those who are regulars at the Quickfire Esports Centre, and furthermore, he is known in the local scene as the founder of one of the most popular local Discord servers. Gann's role within EVERSIO will be in overall management, as well as joining Frank within graphic design.

Please welcome both to our ever burgeoning family! Make sure to follow them on Twitter!