EVERSIO.CoD - Top 24 @ EEG EU...

EVERSIO.CoD - Top 24...

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EVERSIO.CoD - Top 24 @ EEG EU League S1


After almost two months of competition, the EEG Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 European League has come to a close for us. 97 teams from across Europe signed up for the main event, with another 25 teams for the Last Chance Qualifier, all competing for 2,500EUR and 10,000 EEG points.

Our all-Maltese lineup for the tournament was as follows:

 Josmar "BOXER" Chetcuti
 Kurty "xKurty" Buhagiar
 Clayton "Massiv3s" Aquilina
 Ramzi "WAMYY" Amoush
 Owen "Owages" Agius (Playoffs)
 Sean "JokeSM" Muscat (Pool Play)

EVERSIO.CoD was placed in Pool A with 7 other teams, of which two would pass onto the playoffs. Between the 14th December 2018, and the 4th of January 2019, our squad played all seven opponents, going through the pool flawlessly with a 7-0 record.

 EVERSIO.CoD 3-0  Virtual Team - 14/12/2018
 EVERSIO.CoD 3-1  YG eSports - 17/12/2018
 EVERSIO.CoD 3-2  EcHo Gaming - 21/12/2018
 EVERSIO.CoD 3-2  Gentlemen's Mafia - 21/12/2018
 EVERSIO.CoD 3-0  EG3 Gaming - 28/12/2018
 EVERSIO.CoD 3-1  VeltGG - 28/12/2018
 EVERSIO.CoD 3-2  AfterShock Esports - 04/01/2019

Unto the playoffs, the team's first place in Pool A meant it went through as First Seed, and we'd be facing the champion of the LCQ Qualifier. The playoffs are played in Double Elimination format. Our squad went through the Winner Bracket Round 1 with a walkover against Outsoul Esports, but unfortunately lost the following two matches in very close series, 2:3 against Devious Gaming in WB Round 2, and 2:3 against Future Gaming Youth in Loser Bracket Round 2, placing within the overall Top 24.

 EVERSIO.CoD 3-0  Outsoul Esports - 09-02/2019
 EVERSIO.CoD 2-3  Devious Gaming - 09-02/2019
 EVERSIO.CoD 2-3  Future Gaming Youth - 09-02/2019