EVERSIO.CoD win EGL Variant Cup...


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EVERSIO.CoD win EGL Variant Cup 15/2/2019!


Second place really doesn't suit our Call of Duty squad, and it has happened a few times over the past few weeks, as the team participated in the weekly EGL Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Variant Cup. So we're pleased as punch to see that we've scored our second cup win yesterday, on the 15th of February, almost a month after our first win on the 11th of January. The 50EUR prize is a nice bonus.

The team has been rebuilding over the past few weeks after somewhat of a turbulent period. But with this win, we've sounded our return, right in time fo the EEG Malta LAN, and the EEG European League Season 2. Keep tuned for a full squad announcement!

 EVERSIO.CoD 2:0  RedStar Lions
 EVERSIO.CoD 2:0  Delisha Valenteen
 EVERSIO.CoD 2:0  Rez n Piggy
 EVERSIO.CoD 2:0  cracked baby