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Hearthstone: Masters Tour Vegas Qualifiers


The Hearthstone Masters is the official Blizzard Entertainment competitive circuit for Hearthstone, featuring a qualifier season of around 30 Master Qualifier Cups, which will earn the winner a spot in the Masters Tour, of which there will be three, spread across North America, Europe and Asia.

Between March and April 2019, our players will be competing in the Qualifier Cups for the first Masters Tour event, which will be held in Las Vegas between the 14th and 16th June, with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000, and crowdfunding to further increase the prizepot.

Doing well in the Masters Tour, may get you bestowed with Grandmaster status, which is the pinnacle of Hearthstone competition.

Hearthstone Masters Qualifier Las Vegas - 2

 EVERSIO.Same 2:1  elcazatrofeo
 EVERSIO.Same 1:2  Paragleiber
 EVERSIO.Same 0:2  Ostkaka


Hearthstone Masters Qualifier Las Vegas - 3

 EVERSIO.Same 2:0  Theseus
 EVERSIO.Same 1:2  s4mule
 EVERSIO.Same 0:2  WarLörd