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EVERSIO.Tekken is Here!


Project EVERSIO is proud to announce its first venture into the FGC esports community, with a new, all-Maltese Tekken squad.

Tekken is easily the most popular fighting game title played competitively in Malta, with a very healthy, active and passionate community around it. We've had our ear to the ground for quite a long time.

We've gathered three of the most experienced, accomplished and talented players under one roof:

Joseph "addicttekken" Facciol is one of the most recognisable names in the local Tekken scene, not only due to his prowess in the game, but also as a community figure, often posting news within the community, teaching new players, and promoting growth for the scene. A dedicated educator in real life, Joseph has been competing in Tekken events since childhood, and placed in the top 3 in a local tournament as far back as 2007. Since then, he's amassed at least ten gold trophies, one of which is actually a tournament he won whilst holidaying in Vietnam. He's also travelled overseas to compete in a number of events, including Only the Best 2 in Naples, the Tekken World Tour Finals in Amsterdam, and VSFighting 2018 in Birmingham. Joseph's character of choice is Feng.

Sean "DevilSean" Dingli's handle is an obvious reference to his love for the iconic Tekken character, Devil Jin, however Sean also specialises in Heihachi and Armor King, but also a vast array of other characters. Sean is also one of the most decorated players within the Maltese Tekken scene. A finalist in almost all Tekken 7 tournaments he has competed in, with 10 gold trophies, 11 second place finishes, and 4 bronze medals. He started playing Tekken at the age of five, and has been playing competitively for the past sixteen years and his latest tournament victories include the Mediterranean Gaming Week and the Nova Series #2. DevilSean has also travelled overseas to compete, including the Tekken World Tour in Rome in 2018, and the Only the Best 2 tournament in Naples in 2019.

Last but not least, Matthew "Phoenix Breaker" Tonna is the former title holder of the Maltese Tekken Cup. A ten-year Tekken veteran, Matthew has 14 titles under his belt, making him the player with the highest number of first place finishes in Maltese Tekken tournaments. He has also competed in a number of other titles, including Naruto and Crash Team Racing, and currently specialises in Bryan, Paul and Dragunov within Tekken 7.

Please join us in welcoming our new challengers! DevilSean and Phoenix Breaker will debut in their blue-grey shirts at the Red Bull Strijders competition, next Saturday, 6th April, at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara.