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Hearthstone House Rivalries Season 2


Project EVERSIO's Hearthstone squad will be joining another 29  teams to participate in the upcoming Hearthstone House Rivalries EU Season 2. Featuring a $450 prizepot, House Rivalries will start off on May the 4th, and will feature three weeks of swiss rounds, followed by a twelve-team single elimination bracket.

Our roster for the event will be made up of  Samuel "Same" Grech, as well as  Korben John "Korbaax" Zammit, and we're roping in  Samuel "Vortex" Scicluna,  Jamie "Turtle" Grech and  Andrew "Sepion" Carabott to round up the team.  

Swiss Round 1 - 4/5/2019

 EVERSIO.HS 1:3  Team Phelan 
 EVERSIO.HS 3:0  MnM Gaming
 EVERSIO.HS 3:1  RedFear 
 EVERSIO.HS 0:3  mCon esports
 EVERSIO.HS 3:2  epikk esports 

The following teams will compete in House Rivalries S2:

 7 Force Club
 Dortmund Esports 
 Royal Blue Esports 
Intrepid Fox 
 Phelan Gaming 
 epikk esports 
 Sector One 
 MnM Gaming 
 New Dynasty 
 mCon esports 
 Gamers Origins 
 Oslo Lions 
Swagoi Gaming 
 Game Fist 
 ForTheWin Esports 
 Team Viral 
 Team Vertex 
 Project EVERSIO
 Samsung MorningStars 
 Team Singularity 
 Royal Youth 
 KIT SC Esports