Chapter closed for EVERSIO.BO4

Chapter closed for...

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Chapter closed for EVERSIO.BO4


As many could deduce from our lack of participation in the upcoming EEG Malta 2.0, we regrettably have to announce the closure of our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 division.

We announced our Black Ops 4 division back in October 2018, and since then we've had the pleasure of hosting a team that incessantly pushed to be amongst the best in the European amateur CoD scene, culminating in a fourth place at the international EEG Malta in December 2018. Regrettably, we coudn't keep the momentum going for longer, but we look forward to trying again in the next iteration of Call of Duty.

We'd like to thank all of our distinguished players for their efforts over the past seven months:

 Josmar "BOXER" Chetcuti
 Kurty "xKurty" Buhagiar
 Clayton "Massiv3s" Aquilina
 Ramzi "Wamyy" Amoush
 Sean "JokeSM" Muscat
 Owen "Owages" Agius
 Rueben "Randu" Grech
 Isaac "LegendJoker" Abela
 Kieran "Mischifer" Parnis