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Changes to Fortnite.MT: Welcome Anubis & Woku!


Whilst our European brothers  Wam and  Snoda steam ahead in the official Fortnite tournaments and cups, the organisation has been looking at keeping its core local roster brimming with potential that can break the ceiling in the same way  Dean "Frag" Ciantar did as he was promoted from the local roster to the international roster in July 2018, and awarded a semi-professional player's contract.

It is in this spirit, that today we're announcing a significant shake-up in our local roster, with two new young talents: 

 Sean "Woku" Micallef - Twitter - Twitch
 Jean "Anubis" Buttigieg - Twitter - Twitch

At just 15 years old, Woku is already proving his mettle in various Epic events, having placed in the top 1000 in the World Cup Duos Week 2 Finals, Top 300 in the Gauntlet Duo Finals, as well as qualified to the finals of the Gauntlet Duo Test Event and the World Cup Warmups. Most recently, he also won the Customs Squad tournament at the Quickfire Nova Series #4 together with our very own Frag.

Anubis is also making waves at just 15 years old, having place around the 1,200 mark in the World Cup Duos Week 4 Finals, and having qualified for the Duo Gauntlet Finals, the World Cup Warmup Finals, and he was also part of the same team as Woku and Frag that won the Customs Squad tournament at the Quickfire Nova Series #4 LAN event.

Under the leadership of Frag, who retired from playing Fortnite international competitions recently, they will be seeking to improve their results in Epic's tournaments, as well as to keep on flying the colours in all local events. Nicholas "Dagostin0" Dagostino will remain our back-up player on this new venture.

With that said, we'd like to thank the remainder of our Fortnite squad who have mostly moved away from the game:
 Matthew "Pullu" Pulis
 Shaun "Swrl" Pace
 Lian "Bungy" Bugeja
 Michele "Mikku" Agius

These players have represented our organisation superbly during their tenure with us, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with them again soon, in their new endeavours.