Phoenix-Breaker wins Tekkeners Meet...

Phoenix-Breaker wins...

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Phoenix-Breaker wins Tekkeners Meet Up!


A jam-packed Saturday full of Tekken action at the Gamers Lounge in Birkirkara, Malta saw Matthew "Phoenix-Breaker" Tonna take home a well-deserved trophy after no less than 54 matches of Tekken 7. Matthew came back through the loser bracket after losing the first playoff match, making his comeback all the more impressive!

Sean "DevilSean" Dingli placed second. After having somewhat of a slow start in the groupstages, Sean rallied in the playoffs, winning all his matches in style, until he ultimately fell to his teammate in the Grand Finals.

Last but not least, Joseph "addicttekken" Facciol returned from a four-month period of inactivity and showed everyone that he's still a boss at the game. Joseph placed 5th/6th after losing the Upper Bracket Semi Final match against VIT's Kawki, and was subsequently eliminated by Phoenix-Breaker.

Overall, a very successful tournament for our Tekken division, and we look forward to the next one!   


 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:1  VIT.Kaneo
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0  Blaine X
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0  chadohiko
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:1  Fratellu
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0  Forecast Panda
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:1  Carldmalta
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0  Eros_rossi

 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:3
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:1  Carldmalta
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:0  Patri Bryan
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:2  Valid.Bio-Hazard
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:2  EVE.addicttekken
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:1  VIT.Kaneo
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:1  VIT.Kawki
 EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 6:1  EVE.DevilSean


 EVE.DevilSean 1:2  Riyukan
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  Rodenplayz
 EVE.DevilSean 2:1  Valid.Bio_Hazard
 EVE.DevilSean 0:2  Del_Sol
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  StormyAquarius
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  VIT.R3KTZU
 EVE.DevilSean 0:2  Patri Bryan

 EVE.DevilSean 3:0  VIT.The Don
 EVE.DevilSean 3:0  Patri Bryan
 EVE.DevilSean 3:1  VIT.Kaneo
 EVE.DevilSean 3:1  VIT.Kawki
 EVE.DevilSean 1:6  EVE.Phoenix-Breaker


 EVE.addicttekken 0:2  VIT.Lyonidas
 EVE.addicttekken 2:1  reece
 EVE.addicttekken 2:0 Joker
 EVE.addicttekken 2:0  PUNZ
 EVE.addicttekken 2:0  Wenzu
 EVE.addicttekken 2:0  Kamadake
 EVE.addicttekken 2:1

 EVE.addicttekken 3:0  Carldmalta
 EVE.addicttekken 3:0
 EVE.addicttekken 1:3  VIT.Kawki
 EVE.addicttekken 2:3  EVE.Phoenix-Breaker

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