Announcing: EVERSIO...

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We're immensely excited to enter into a new chapter of our venture in partnership with one of Malta's (or, more specifically, Gozo's) most successful streamers: Terence "Torkie" Portelli!

Torkie joins as Project Eversio's first and only streamer, and marks a first for us in moving away from our esports pedigree, and into the wider concept of videogame entertainment and our looking forward to a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby we can share resources and help each other grow.

Torkie's Twitch channel has generated a loyal group of supporters, with a very health dose of average viewers per stream, and currently stands over 6000 followers. Follower loyalty follows from his very outgoing persona, and constant interaction with chat, as well as a strict and consistent schedule.

As a Warframe partner, blitzing through hordes of enemies wielding gigantic guns and assorted melee weapons is something that one will often see on Torkie's stream, but World of Warcraft Classic and some other singleplayer games often make an appearance as well.

Make sure to drop in on Torkie's stream, follow and if you like what you see, become part of his super friendly community!

Also, make sure to drop by Playcon this weekend! Torkie will be streaming live from the expo floor, and meeting guests and fans, probably donning some special edition merchandise ;)