Fortnite squad for Season 11:...

Fortnite squad for...

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Fortnite squad for Season 11: Thrillz, Tee-raps, Anubis, Woku!


Nearing two years since release, Fortnite's meteoric rise in the esports and videogaming space cannot go unnoticed. With the massive success that was the Malta Royale two weeks back, we've decided to double down on our Maltese Fortnite division, and we're happy to announce that we now have a full blown squad ready for Season 11.

You're all familiar with our current young duo, Sean "Woku" Micallef and Jean "Anubis" Buttigieg. After winning the squad tournament at the Quickfire Nova Series #4, they went on to place second in the Nova Series #5 and ultimately placed a very respectable 8th and 7th (respectively) at the Malta Royale, winning a total of €450. 

Considering the outlook on the competitive scene in Season 11, we've opted for a full squad of Maltese players, and we're proud to announce the addition of two local talents who have proven themselves to be amongst the best: Alessandro "Thrillz" Parrella & Tom "Tee-raps" Trapani Galea.

Thrillz is well known in the community, with his first domestic achievement having been placing first at the Nova Series #5, and qualified a few times to the World Cup Open Finals and the Duo Gauntlet Finals. His crowning achievement however is 2nd place at the Playcon Malta Royale and winning €2,000.

Joining him, is our first controller player, Tee-raps. At just 15 years of age, Tee-raps placed within the top 500 in the Fortnite World Cup Warm Up event, and qualified four times for the World Cup Open Finals. His best achievement is however placing 4th at the Playcon Malta Royale, winning €500.

Coached by none other than Dean "Frag" Ciantar, we hope to achieve new heights with this new roster!

 Sean "Woku" Micallef
 Jean "Anubis" Buttigieg
 Alessandro "Thrillz" Parrella
 Tom "Tee-raps" Trapani Galea
 Dean "Frag" Ciantar (Coach)