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EVE.DevilSean @...

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EVE.DevilSean @ Malta Tekken National Cup!


It has been quiet on our end for a while now, but the action is heating up heading in to the Christmas holidays, and first up is the biggest Maltese Tekken tournament of all time! 

Tomorrow, the 14th of December 2019, our very own Sean "DevilSean" Dingli will be attending the Malta Tekken National Cup, held as part of the Malta Esports Festival 2019 at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre in Ta' Qali, Malta, organised by VIT and GMR Entertainment.

The Malta Tekken Nation Cup has 88 signed-up participants from around Europe, with players also flying in from Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and even Finland. A prizepool of €1,060 is on the line.

*EVE.DevilSean places 17th-24th!*


 EVE.DevilSean 2:1  SMBF.Drangomix 
 EVE.DevilSean 0:2  TCT.TCO 
 EVE.DevilSean 0:2  UTP.Franksorrow
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  chadohiko 
 EVE.DevilSean 1:2  VIT.Jeanerik
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  tama007
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  chase
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  DomDDaemon 
 EVE.DevilSean 1:2  RIZE.GoukiAkuma 
 EVE.DevilSean 2:0  NELL

 EVE.DevilSean 3:0  VIT.Kaneo
 EVE.DevilSean 2:3  200K.THE PHANTOM 
 EVE.DevilSean 3:1  Iconic Cinco.Bio_Hazard
 EVE.DevilSean 3:0  VIT.Jeanerik
 EVE.DevilSean 2:3  Kurapika