EVERSIO @ Eden Rocket League...

EVERSIO @ Eden...

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EVERSIO @ Eden Rocket League Tournament!


It is Eden Esports' turn to spur on the Maltese esports scene next weekend, as the $300,000 Champions Cup Finals for CS:GO kick off with the likes of G2 Esports, ENCE, FURIA Esports and BIG battling it out for the inaugural event. Thankfully, Eden hasn't forgotten about the local scene, and on the 20th of December 2019, they will also be running a Rocket League tournament with eight teams and a €450 prizepool.

This be the first offline venture for our new Rocket League team, with Bungy, Porry and Adammo. They've already proven their mettel by placing first in the seedings tournament, but will face their true test this upcoming weekend against top local teams Iconic Cinco, aNarchy and Glitter Babes amongst others.

Our team's first match will be against Ferocity Esports on Friday the 20th at 16:00, at the InterContinental Hotel in St Julian's.

Joining the tournament will also be our very own Hearthstone team, Same, Turtle and Korbaax, who will be playing as 'EVERSIO Cards'.