Overwatch Open Division 2020 S1

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Overwatch Open Division 2020 S1


Open Division is the entry level league for Overwatch run by Blizzard Entertainment itself, and serves as the entry point for the second tier of professional competitive Overwatch: Contenders League. With three seasons per year, and only four, out of hundreds and hundreds of teams which have a shot at making it to Contenders, the chances are low, and the stakes are high.

Our new European lineup for Overwatch has started off the first season of 2020 OD, running from the 11th of January till the 23rd of February, and featuring a prizepool of $1800. 342 teams have signed up for the European division.

 EVERSIO 0:3  The Hustlers 11/01/2020
 EVERSIO 3:0  Ouroboros 12/01/2020
 EVERSIO 3:0  Reunited 18/01/2020
 EVERSIO 3:2  Project Nova Academy 19/01/2020
 EVERSIO 3:2  MPAMI 25/01/2020
 EVERSIO 3:2  Exilia SoppaSukeltajat 26/01/2020
 EVERSIO 0:3  Malding Manlets 01/02/2020
 EVERSIO 3:0  The Blokes 02/02/2020
 EVERSIO 3:0  Roots 08/02/2020
 EVERSIO 3:2  Scallywags 09/02/2020
 EVERSIO 0:3  Cerulean Dawn 15/02/2020
 EVERSIO 3:2  LUX16/02/2020

*We finish 34th out of 403 teams in our debut Open Division season. A great result considering the level of competition all round, finishing with 9 wins and 3 losses. We missed out on playoffs this time, but now we are certain that the goal is very attainable!*