Welcome, CSGO!

Welcome, CSGO!

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Welcome, CSGO!


We've had numerous iterations of CSGO rosters in our thirteen year run, and as there's nothing to write home about in terms of local tournaments, we're going down a different route this time. We're no longer just focusing on local competitions for one of the top esports titles in the world - we're going all in. We don't want EZ silverware. We want to earn our spot. And thus, we're getting back into CSGO with an international lineup.

Two familiar faces, Kyle "Xaka" Gatt and Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht form the core of the team that has consistently placed towards the top end of ESEA Intermediate under the 'Luxor Esports' name, and have also won the CEVO Gfinity Spring Series 2018. We've also seen these two tear it up in local offline tournaments.

A trio of Swedes will be joining the Xaka and CrePoW: Max "Obbeno" Lysén, Sammy "Gesam_renk" Renkse and Oskar "Elfan" Elfström, all former Luxor/ex-Luxor and Valhalla Vikings players.

The team has been hard at work developing their own chemistry in preparation of the competitive season, and they will be focusing on competing in ESEA Main Season 33, following from their promotion in Season 32. Stay tuned!

 Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht
 Kyle "Xaka Gatt
 Max "Obbeno" Lysén
 Sammy "Gesam_renk" Renkse
 Oskar "Elfan" Elfström