EVERSIO @ Overwatch Open Division...

EVERSIO @ Overwatch...

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EVERSIO @ Overwatch Open Division EU Season 2!


Here we are back again, Season 2 of the Open Division starts now, and we're aiming for playoffs once again! Our debut season saw us place 34th out of 403 teams. This time, 467 are signed up and ready for the Europe/Middle East/Africa Division, which all starts on Saturday, the 7th of March.

 EVERSIO.OW 3:0  Ásynjur Rage - 7/3/2020
 EVERSIO.OW 3:0  TLB - 8/3/2020 
 EVERSIO.OW 3:0  Violet - 14/3/2020 
 EVERSIO.OW 3:1  FieryTale Argon - 15/3/2020