EVE.Fortnite @ Level Lockdown Duo...

EVE.Fortnite @ Level...

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EVE.Fortnite @ Level Lockdown Duo Royale


On the 1st of May, we will be having three duo teams participating in the Level Lockdown Duo Royale, featuring a €200 prizepool and plenty of local talent fighting out for the sweet trophy.

Eversio Red: Anubis & Kicas
Eversio Blue: Thrillz & Swag 
EverWin: woku & Tom

All three of our duos place in the money, with Eversio Blue placing 1st, EverWin placing 3rd, and Eversio Red placing 5th.

1st: EVE.Thrillz & Swag (€100)
2nd: Matt x Jelly (€50)
3rd: EVE.woku & EVE.Tom (€20)
4th: Aype blue (€20)
5th: EVE.Anubis & Kicas (€10)