EVE.Phoenix 2nd @ Malta Tekken...

EVE.Phoenix 2nd @...

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EVE.Phoenix 2nd @ Malta Tekken League v3


This weekend, Phoenix-Breaker participated in the third round of the Malta Tekken League, organisationed by Visionary Iron Team. This was our first offline event in a long time, and a good performance by Matthew was necessary in order for him to get enough points to qualify for the Final Stages of the Malta Tekken League.

*UPDATE* Phoenix-Breaker placed 2nd from 20 participants!

EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:1 VIT.Kawki
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:1 VIT.TWDZ
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 0:2 Bio_Hazard
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0 Forecast Panda
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0 Fratellu
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0 NELL
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0 Joker
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0 The Spike Man
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:0 BlaineX

EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 1:3 Wenzu
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:0 Moonkin
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:1 VIT.Lyonidas
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:2 Bio_Hazard
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 3:0 Wenzu
EVE.Phoenix-Breaker 2:3 VIT.Jeanerik

GG to VIT.Jeanerik!