RL: Welcome, OneXeven!

RL: Welcome,...

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RL: Welcome, OneXeven!


We're always pushing our teams onwards and forwards, away from the confines of local competition and always aiming towards reaching the higher echelons of international competition.

Today, we're announcing a move to strenghten that push, with the addition of  Erikas "OneXeven" Musnikas to our Rocket League team, in anticipation of the RLCS Season X Qualifiers, starting on the 27th of June.

OneXeven will be in the starting roster together with Bungy and Vella999. However, we won't be forgetting Adammo's contribution to our team, that has time and time again proven that it if the best in the country, and is also able to stand up in international competition. The team, and the organisation as a whole are sorely indebted to both Adammo and Porry in this journey.

With that said, we welcome OneXeven with open arms, and look forward to a bright future!

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