Tekken: Welcome, Moonkin!

Tekken: Welcome,...

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Tekken: Welcome, Moonkin!


Last summer we said goodbye to one of the founders of our Tekken squad, Joseph "addicttekken" Facciol. In anticipation of a tournaments cropping up once more, we're happy to introduce his replacement to the team, David "Moonkin" Cilia, and now our squad is back to being three-strong!

Just like the rest of our team, David is a longstanding member of the local Tekken community, and has been a main contender since Tekken 3. Many players look up to him as a mentor, and he has also long been DevilSean's practice partner and de facto coach.

David was our third player in the Eden 3v3 Tekken Tournament last February, in which we placed 2nd, and previously he had also won a Duos tournament with DevilSean, apart from a myriad of other top 3 placings throughout the years. Moonkin also plays Mortal Kombat competitively.

Please join us in wishing a warm welcome to David "Moonkin" Cilia!