EVERSIO.Valorant Strikes First!


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EVERSIO.Valorant Strikes First!


Valorant has been the perfect disrupter in the competitive tactical shooter genre during COVID-19 times. Whether one thinks its a serious contender to the undisputed king, CS:GO, or otherwise, it is undeniable that it has provided something new for enthusiasts of the genre to sink their teeth into. Five months since launch, Riot Games will be running its first world wide tournament, First Strike, and it would be just a shame for us to miss it.

We're announcing an international team that will represent us in the First Strike Qualifiers going forward!


The team will be led by a familiar face in the Maltese scene: Qpert formerly played CS:GO for Iconic Cinco, and now the Sova specialist will be teaming up our second ever female competitor, Duelist extraordinaire, juseu. Our sniper will be stefaN, who has already started making a name for himself in winning some smaller tournaments. LaiZskooo, former Archangel Gaming player acts as our lurker, whilst Anq is our initiator/smoker.

We look forward to see what we can do in our first Valorant outing!