Welcome Frosty & kzealos!

Welcome Frosty &...

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Welcome Frosty & kzealos!


We are happy to welcome  Bram "Frosty" Beukeveld and  Jarne "kzealos" Van Ransbeeck as we prepare for the new ESEA season. During season 38, our team, which included  Jens "Swes" De Clercq and  Jimmy "Ariant0" Husseini, had a very rocky start, but came back with a huge winning streak to make playoffs. Our team also placed 2nd in the DreamHack Beyond Community Clash, and Swes will play his last event with the team at the ESL Benelux Championship Winter 2021 Finals. We thank them both for their time with the organisation, as well as our stand-ins,  Alano "yOOm" Rombaut and  Mustafa "jco" Ahmed for delivering when we really needed them to!

Looking ahead, our new Benelux line up will be pushing to get promoted into ESEA Advanced. Busy weeks ahead! As always, you will be able to follow our matches on twitch.tv/eversiotv

 Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht
 Kyle "Xaka" Gatt
 Nils "ReFuZR" Groot
 Bram "Frosty" Beukeveld
 Jarne "kzealos" Van Ransbeeck