Happy Retirement Anubis!

Happy Retirement...

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Happy Retirement Anubis!


Jean "Anubis" Buttigieg has retired from competitive Fortnite after having cemented himself as the best Maltese player in the game. This also marks the closure of our Fortnite division.

Anubis joined Project Eversio in May 2019, and for the past two and a half years, Anubis won an impressive amount of silverware, and also became one of only two Maltese players to place in the money of an official Fortnite competition.

Anubis caught our eye during the Quickfire Nova Series #4 in April 2019, when our Fortnite team leader Frag identified him, together with Woku, as two hot prospects to join our squad at the event. The team placed first in that event, and a month later, both Woku and Anubis were announced as members of our new Fortnite squad.

The Malta Royale, Malta's largest ever domestic esports event saw Anubis place 7th in the solos event, however his dominance would show up in 2020, where he took home an absurd number of trophies from tournaments organised by Level Academy, culminating in a 352nd spot in Epic Games' Frosty Frenzy, which earned his trio team $1,200.

Whilst Anubis' dominance in Level Academy's Fortnite tournaments continued in 2021, Anubis has opted to focus on his promising career in football as opposed to pursuing competitive Fortnite. Considering what he has achieved, and the state of Fortnite, that is understandable.

Anubis will remain an honorary member of Project Eversio, stay tuned to his Twitch for a surprise appearance or two!

Full List of Achievements:
1st - Quickfire Nova Series #4
7th - Playcon Malta Royale
1st - Level Lockdown Week 1 Heat 3
1st - Level Lockdown Week 2 Heat 1
1st - Level Lockdown Week 2 Heat 2
1st - Level Lockdown Duos Week 3 Heat 1
1st - Level Lockdown Duos Week 3 Heat 2
1st - Level Lockdown Duos Week 3 Heat 3
1st - Level Lockdown Duos Week 4
5th - Level Lockdown Duos Week 5
3rd - Level Lockdown Duos Week 6
1st - Level Lockdown Duos Week 7
1st - Level Lockdown Solo Series
3rd - Level Academy Summer Series AUM Special
1st - Level Academy Summer Series - Trios
1st - Level Academy Summer Series - Solos
3rd - Level Academy Autumn Series - Duos
Top 400 - Frosty Frenzy
2nd - Level Academy Xmas Special
1st - Level Academy SAFE Series - Trios
1st - GamingMalta SummerSlam Trios

We would also like to thank everyone who has been part of our Fortnite journey
The OG Roster: Frag, Cataniia, Fireduck, Pullu
The International Lineup: Frag, Wam, Snoda, Vlad, Magiczz, MinZho
EVE.MT #2: Frag, Pullu, Mikku, Swrl, Bungy, Dagostin0
The Last Dance: Anubis, Woku, Thrillz, Tom