Welcome King Lyonidas!

Welcome King...

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Welcome King Lyonidas!


Lyon 'Lyonidas' Buhagiar is our newest Tekken competitor. Whilst our older Tekken squad was mostly focused on local competition, our new pick-up's main focus will be competing internationally. In fact, Lyon's goal throughout 2022 will be travelling to compete in as many international events as possible, and we will be there to help him achieve his goal!

Lyon has established himself as one of the strongest competitors in Malta, and certainly the most hardworking. Last year alone, Lyon placed first in the GamingMalta Autumn Series in terms of local events, as well as placed 9th out of 77 participants at the Tekken Emilia Tournament, held in Reggio Emilia, Italy; but he also competed in As1Arena in Dublin, Ireland and represented the Maltese National Team in the IESF World Championships in Eilat, Israel, after a great 3rd placement in the European Qualifier. Lyon was also the first Maltese player to earn Tekken World Tour points after placing 17th in the Tekken Online Challenge West Europe Online Masters. This is apart from top placements in numerous other online tournaments, such as the FGC Arcade Holiday Brawl, and the ESL Open Series Weekly October 2021 #3 from which he made a bit of cash to sweeten the performance.

Lyon is also a regular streamer, and runs a well known series of interviews with well known Tekken personalities on his Youtube channel called Behind the Punish.

In our view, Lyon is one of the most promising Maltese esports talents out there, and we're excited to help him on his way to greatness.

Lyon will be representing us at the Black Tournamento 3 in Barcelona, Spain, between the 4th and the 6th of February!

Give Lyon a warm welcome!