Farewell & Thank you, CSGO.EU...

Farewell & Thank...

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Farewell & Thank you, CSGO.EU Squad!


Farewell & Thank you, CSGO.EU Squad!

Our CSGO squad has been our flagship team since the squad, previously known as Global5, was signed in November 2017, and led by Xaka. As the team dominated most local competition, we started shifting towards an international roster as our prolific in-game leader, Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht joined in 2018, and went full international in 2020, with Xaka being the last remaining Maltese player on the international roster.

The team went from winning small hardware prizes in local LANs, to become the five times national CSGO champions, to becoming the second best team in the Benelux region. Over the years, we've fielded 31 players from 9 different countries.

Project Eversio won a total of more than €13,600 in prizemoney. The team participated in 7 live events in Malta, two of which were of an international nature, winning four out of the seven, and placing 2nd in another two. We also competed in two international live events: the ESL National Championships in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2021 and 2022 respectively, placing 2nd in both.

The achievements of our boys in blue, especially in the last couple of years, have been amazing, but now it is time for them to take a step forward in their careers and aspirations to become fully fledged professional esports players. We wish them all the luck in the world in achieving their dreams, and we thank them for these amazing five years!

This may not however be the end for our aspirations in CS:GO. We will return to our roots, and seek to remain active in the local CSGO scene! See you around!

Project Eversio.CSGO Achievements:
3rd/4th - Aliquantum SiGMA17 Tournament - 2017
1st - PlayUP & Game LAN - 2017
2nd - Malta Cyber Series #4 - 2018
1st - Gamers.com.mt Night Cup #1 - 2018
2nd - Quickfire Nova Series #3
1st - WESG Malta Qualifiers - 2019
1st - ESL Playcon Community Tournament  - 2019
2nd - ESN Lockdown Cup 1 - 2020
2nd - ESN Lockdown Cup 2 - 2020
3rd/4th - ESN League Season 6 - 2020
1st - Malta National League Season 1 - 2020
1st - Malta National League Season 2 - 2021
1st - Malta National League Season 3 - 2021
1st - Malta National League Season 4 - 2021
1st - Malta National League Season 5 - 2021
2nd - DreamHack Beyond Community Clash - 2021
2nd - ESL Benelux Championship: Winter 2021
5th/6th - SiGMA Esports Technologies Cup 2021
2nd - ESL Benelux Championship: Spring 2022

A huge thank you to these amazing players:

 Claude "Powess" Pisani
 Mathias "raz" Johansen
 Keith "Alphh" Vanhear
 Kyle "Xaka" Gatt
 Semen "Eneko" Ovsyanik
 Gabriel "left0ver_" Mizzi
 Nicklas Bror "ICE" Holmberg
 Milan "CrePoW" Libbrecht
 Nicklas "Guldbrandt" Tolstrup
 Emmanuele "nammE" Camilleri
 Emil "slinger" Ternander
 William "s1ck" Johansson
 Max "Obbeno" Lysén
 Sammy "Gesam_renk" Renkse
 Oskar "Elfan" Elfström
 Daanish "Xinh0o" Raja
 Szabó "notza" Tamás
 Blake "mejta" Falzon
 Jens "Swes" De Clercq
 Mustafa "jco" Ahmed 
 Nils "ReFuZR" Groot
 Max "Maxaxe" van der Bijl
 Morgan "m0g" Butler
 Jimmy "Ariant0" Husseini
 Bram "Frosty" Beukeveld
 Jarne "kzealos" Van Ransbeeck
 Alano "yOOm" Rombaut 
 Marcus "Q-Q" Krolak-Henriksen
 Maxim "MaximN" Nonglaire 
 Mohamed "Hawk" El Kbiach