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EVERSIO.Overwatch is no more


It is with a heavy heart that we're announcing the indefinite hiatus of our Overwatch squad. The team started out in July 2016, as a group of old school gamer friends decided to compete at the Malta eSports Festival 2016. The team placed second at the event, and as the competition heated up in the local scene, the squad delved into a practice regime that would see the team reach new heights.

From left to right, R1k, Scott, Reed, Cin, PK, Serenity, Deathrow at the MRO Overwatch Open

The team ended up placing third at the two following local events, the AOC Malta Cyber Series Masters, and the MRO Overwatch Open. The players also dabbled in various international online cups

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. As uncertainty about the Overwatch League hit the European competitive scene, teams in Malta disintegrated, leaving nothing in terms of a local scene. Although a few remain committed to Overwatch, most of our players have moved on, looking for next competitive title.

The situation is one we regret. We still believe in the potential of Overwatch as an esport, and we're ready to support competitive teams, especially those involving local players to further their ambitions in this game. If you're interested, get in touch!

Top from left: Cin, Matli, R1k; Bottom from left: PK, Reed, Scott - at the Malta eSports Festival 2016

As for the rest of our players, we're more than just competitive gamers - we're a community of like-minded individuals and friends, and we believe in our players' talent, and their ability to migrate their skill to their next game of choice. We'll be supporting other game titles shortly, and you will definitely see some familiar faces!

We thank all of our Overwatch team members for being part of this journey:
 Alan "Serenity" Ciantar
 Clinton "Cin" Caruana
 Cyril "Vortex" Coppini
 Daniel "Deathrow" Gatt
 Gary "R1k" Vella
 Marco "PK" Bugeja
 Matthew "Matli" Bajada
 Scott "YumaDrebel" Vella
 Wayne "Reed" Reed

- Malta eSports Festival 2016
3rd - AOC Malta Cyber Series Masters
3rd - The MRO: Overwatch Open