EVERSIO is back to Call of Duty!

EVERSIO is back to...

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EVERSIO is back to Call of Duty!


The 3rd of November marks the official release date of Call of Duty: WW2, as the franchise returns to the battlefields of World War 2, echoing the game's origins from 2003 till 2008, however it's also a very important date for Project EVERSIO. Five years since our last Call of Duty tournament, and ten iterations of the franchise later, EVERSIO is proud to announce that we're back to our roots with an all-Maltese Call of Duty: World War 2 (PS4) team! From today onwards, four young and talented individuals will be flying the EVERSIO colours in all locals events, as well as international events.

Three members of the team are very well known within the local scene, having won two Maltese LAN events. The team previously competed under the name Unsurpassed Esports, True Ambition, and most recently, Ephica Esports, and had won the CoD: Black Ops tournaments at the Malta eSports Festival 2015, and the Malta Cyber Series #2 in 2016. After splitting up for a while as each player pursued different paths, the team has now re-united, ambitious to make their mark on an international scale.

Team leader Rueben "Randu" Grech is just 20, but is also one of the most experienced esports players in Malta. After departing from Ephica Esports in 2016, Rueben set his sights on the Call of Duty World League (CWL), and joined together with a fully sponsored international team, OneHash, and together with his Polish and UK teammates, participated in a number of CWL events in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In April 2017, Randu attended the 2017 CWL Birmingham Open, which took place during the Insomnia LAN festival. Randu's OneHash eventually placed 37th-44th in the $50,000 event. In June of the same year, Randu's OneHash improved their results by placing 29th-36th during the 2017 CWL Sheffield Open.

For CoD:WW2 however, Rueben has decided to go back local, and has surrounded himself with the very best playes in Malta. Daniel "DeXx" Mifsud and Luke "Zwa" Scicluna both formerly formed part of the team that won MESF in 2015 and MCS#2 in 2016, whilst Matthias "Vision" Magro also played with the same players with Ephica.

EVERSIO.Randu was kind enough to answer a few questions on the team's outlook and ambitions:

Q: Can you briefly discuss the dynamic of the team? What are your in-game roles?

Randu: The team consists of myself, Daniel ‘Dexx’ Mifsud Luke ‘Zwa’ Scicluna and Matthias ‘Vision’ Magro. Since WWII is a totally different game than the last one, we are not sure about our roles yet, but we've all been playing CoD for a long time now, so we consider ourselves to have a very dynamic playstyle.

Q: You have experience playing with European teams, and have even participated in European events, how does that change with an all-Malta team?

Randu: I have won 2 local LANs in Malta with Zwa and Dexx so the chemistry is already there. In infinite Warfare, I was picked by a European team which allowed me to travel to European Events. With an all Maltese team, the communication will be much better which is key in Call of Duty. I know as a team, we have the potential to be a top team in Europe. 

Q: What are your goals, and what do you hope to achieve?

Randu: Our goal this year is to win multiple Maltese events and place at least top 32 in the CWL 2K events and other online events. Our goal is also to win a small EU event. 

Q: What will your practice regime be like? Do you have any plans to participate in any weekly or recurring events/cups? How do you achieve work/study/social life balance with competitive gaming?

Randu: Practice is very crucial in Call of Duty but it’s not how many hours you put in, it’s how you use those hours. We need to win 5 games per day for CWL Pro Point MLG Ladder, compete in CWL MLG 2ks every Sunday and attend CWL events. To balance work, study and social life, we need a weekly schedule on when we are available to play as a team. 

Q: Do you think that a healthy CoD:WWII scene in Malta is possible?

Randu: I think yes it's possible because before jetpack Call of Duty games, the Call of Duty Maltese scene was huge with plenty of teams. I think many Maltese teams will come back for WWII. 

Project EVERSIO - Call of Duty WW2 Lineup:

 Rueben "Randu" Grech - Twitter - Twitch - Youtube - Instagram
 Daniel "DeXx" Mifsud - Twitter
 Luke "Zwa" Scicluna - Twitter
 Matthias "Vision" Magro - Twitter

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