New Black Ops 4 squad for EEG LAN!

The competitive aspect of Black Ops 4 is slowly falling in place, as the first CWL ruleset has been published, and the first competitive events start trickling in on everyone's radar. A month into the game, our recently announced roster has already had to undergo a major overhaul to fulfil our...

MinZho joins Fortnite Roster!

After a long search, we can finally announce the fourth member of our Fortnite International squad! Joining Frag, Wam and Snoda will be  Miro "MinZho" Juutinen. Hailing from Finland, Miro is our youngest player yet.  Prior to engaging in competitive Fortnite, Miro was an...

EVERSIO.Black Ops 4 announced!

Ten days from the launch of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Project EVERSIO is ready to announce its new, all-Maltese five-man squad! Black Ops 4 promises to be a paradigm shift in the famed franchise's competitive pedigree. First of all, we see the shift of a competitive...

International Fortnite roster adds Snoda

The International branch of the Project EVERSIO Fortnite roster has had to undergo some changes as other commitments got in the way of our young squad. Regrettably, Colby "Magiczz" Robertson has decided to stop playing competitive Fortnite for now, whilst Oskar "Vlad" Lundell...