Welcome, Roden & Gann!

As we're approaching the 12th year of operations, the beating heart of this organisation has always been the tenacity of a small group of volunteers who persisted on having Project Eversio as a beacon of hope for Maltese esports. Today, we're happy to announce the addition of two young and...

Changes to games supported for 2019

2018 was a great year of re-building for the project, as most of our teams went on to become national champions, but also made inroads into international competition. We thank this amazing group of players for their committment, loyalty and ambition.  With the new year, we've decided to...

Frag & Mikku win Quickfire Duo Gun Show 19/1/2019!

Our two Maltese Fortnite players, Dean "Frag" Ciantar, and Michele "Mikku" Agius, spent a day at the Quickfire Esports Centre in St Julian's, participating in the Duo Gun Show event for this week. Dean and Michele couldn't miss an occasion to add a trophy to their...

EVERSIO.CoD 2nd @ EGL BO4 Variant 18/01 Cup!

After winning last week's EGL Black Ops 4 Variant Cup, we're once again participating in this week's one night cup, with EUR50 on the line. 15 teams have signed up, with contestants coming from the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Austria. We'll be playing with Chubby as a stand-in for...