Overwatch Squad is on Hiatus

It is with a heavy heart that today we're announcing that our Overwatch team will be going on a hiatus for the near future, meaning that we will be dropping out of Season 2 of the Overwatch Open Division. Despite being one of the few games specifically designed for competitive gaming,...

EVERSIO @ Overwatch Open Division EU Season 2!

Here we are back again, Season 2 of the Open Division starts now, and we're aiming for playoffs once again! Our debut season saw us place 34th out of 403 teams. This time, 467 are signed up and ready for the Europe/Middle East/Africa Division, which all starts on Saturday, the 7th of...

Thank you Coach Bevvy!

On behalf of the organisation, but especially the Overwatch division, we would like to thank our Head Coach, Bevvy, for his time and effort over the past months. Thanks to his efforts, our Overwatch squad managed an impressive 34th placement in their debut Open Division tournament, with 9 wins...

Overwatch Open Division 2020 S1

Open Division is the entry level league for Overwatch run by Blizzard Entertainment itself, and serves as the entry point for the second tier of professional competitive Overwatch: Contenders League. With three seasons per year, and only four, out of hundreds and hundreds of teams which have a shot...