EVERSIO.Overwatch is no more

It is with a heavy heart that we're announcing the indefinite hiatus of our Overwatch squad. The team started out in July 2016, as a group of old school gamer friends decided to compete at the Malta eSports Festival 2016. The team placed second at the event, and as the competition heated up in...

Overwatch Contenders: Roster Change

We're finally seeing some movement from Blizzard Entertainment to give Overwatch the competitive push it needs. The Overwatch Contenders has been announced, and is already underway: Contenders will act as the minor league for the premier Overwatch League itself. We've signed up to Season...

Overwatch: Who is DOOMFIST?

With all the persistent rumours about the possibility of Doomfist being a new Overwatch hero being launched on the 24th of May on the occasion of the game's one year anniversary, with thought it opportune to detail what we currently know about Doomfist.     For starters,...

Overwatch: Quickfire's Hotshot Series 1

Over the past few weeks, our Overwatch team has been hard at work with practice, and testing their skills in online cups, including ESL's Heroes Cup held every Thursday. The latest event for our team to participate in is that organised by Quickfire: The Hotshot Series 1, which is a series of...