Geo-localised branding in esports - Lessons from the past

The new Overwatch League rules stipulate that participating teams are required to create specific geographically tied brands, according to the city slot bought by the owner. This means that we will be getting at least nine new team brands, related to the following...

What's new in Overwatch Season 6?

Overwatch's sixth season will start on the 31st August, and a few major changes are on the way: NEW PAYLOAD MAP! JUNKERTOWN! Season length will be reduced from three months to two months; SR decay severity has been reduced: it will trigger if a player hasn't played 5 matches in 5...

Gwent Masters: $850,000 tournament

Gwent has been gaining traction as a competitive virtual card game for the past few months now, so it was about time that it started making headway into esports. The Gwent Masters marks the first foray into esports by Polish game developer CD Projekt Red, and they've started off with a bang: an...

Maltese teams & players in the Overwatch Contenders Qualifiers

*DISCLAIMER: The analysis below is from an outsider's viewpoint. We don't know what has been going on internally in these teams. We encourage anyone who has news which we've either missed, or misinterpreted, to please, contact us* The first qualifier cup(s) for Blizzard's European...